As a Christian singer/songwriter I am often blessed to write a song

 that brings a ‘musical hug’ to those in need.  

We are sharing all of the songs here with those who may be comforted by their words

for Free.  

Please, share these with your friends & loved ones.  

“Bald is Beautiful”

Is a song for cancer warriors, a lyrical picture, not of the ugliness of the disease, 
but  rather of the bravery and strength required to fight the fight.


“Cancer Warrior"

When my wife, Rita Sue, was diagnosed with breast cancer, “Bald is Beautiful” 

hit close to home.  As we traveled through the maze of 

Oncology, Surgery and Radiation Oncology centers,
Jesus walked with us.  

We wanted to share the comfort and strength He gave us with others in this battle.  
To date, we have given away close to 300 CDs, over 500 free download cards and counting.

  Thanks and blessings on ya <>

Gregg and Rita Sue


Cancer Warrior

Gregg Shively

It's a Warrior's crown, It's standin' up when you've been knocked down. It's a Medal of Honor, a Badge of Courage, a silent cry of "No Surrender" . . .

May you find comfort and strength in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

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“From Crank To The Cross”

 was written for those fighting the battle of addiction, helping those in the midst of this war to recognize that Jesus is the only true path to victory.