As a Christian singer/songwriter I am often blessed to write a song that brings a message of caring, a ‘musical hug’ if you will, to those in need.  We set this page aside to highlight those songs, and offer them to folks who connect with the struggles they embrace, either personally or through friends and loved ones. 


Bald is Beautiful . . . was written for a friend who fought (and WON) the battle against breast cancer. It is an anthem for all cancer warriors. A lyrical picture, not of the ugliness of the disease, but rather of the bravery and strength required to fight the fight.


From Crank To The Cross . . . is a heartfelt anthem for an organization of the same name. A ‘family’ of men and women coming together with local churches to love and support each other as they battle addiction.  


“Your Price” means exactly that, from $0 to whatever . . . 

In addition, if you know someone in the midst of a battle (either mental or physical) that might benefit from a song of hope or encouragement, please let me know . . . 

Thanks and blessings on ya <><